A program of the Center for Leadership Excellence, Leadership Mohawk Valley is an immersive program that develops leaders to be committed to building, supporting, and strengthening our region. Through community issue- and case-study based learning, participants will refine and enhance their leadership capabilities and deepen their connections and commitment to the Mohawk Valley. The program analyzes major areas of community concern, provides opportunities for open dialogue between leaders with diverse perspectives, and promotes a network of community trustees committed to the greater good.

Each cohort is composed of men and women who reflect the diversity of the Mohawk Valley region. The year begins in August with a one and a half day Opening Retreat. From September through May, participants attend monthly, daylong focused program days designed to give them exposure and perspective in a variety of areas, such as Healthcare, Government, Human Services, etc. All sessions are designed to be highly interactive, educational and thought provoking.


The purpose of the Leadership Mohawk Valley Program is to identify leaders for our communities, broaden their perspectives, and confront the issues at large. Leadership Mohawk Valley. Desirable characteristics of leadership candidates include:

  • LEADERSHIP ABILITY: This may be demonstrated by the position which an individual holds within a business, community or civic organization.
  • COMMITMENT TO PROGRAM: The candidate and employer must be willing to make the time commitment to attend all program days for the duration of the program. Orientation weekend is mandatory.
  • STABILITY IN COMMUNITY: It is important that the candidate has a high likelihood of remaining in the community for at least several years.
  • EXEMPLARY CHARACTER: Candidates should have a positive attitude towards the community and project the type of character desirable in leaders.

A screening committee will review each application and determine the ability of each candidate to meet the criteria outlined. In addition to these characteristics, an attempt will be made to choose candidates from varied backgrounds in terms of geography, industry, and community not-for-profit organizations. While a “quota” system will not be employed, it is believed that a balance in backgrounds will produce a broader representation and improve the program dynamics.

For those seeking more skills-based leadership training, under our new Center for Leadership Excellence, we offer either Leadership Academy and Supervisors Institute. Please contact the LMV office for more information or to apply for those programs.


All completed applications must be either mailed, faxed, or emailed  (preferred submission method) to:

Leadership Mohawk Valley
1101 Sherman Drive #AB154E
Utica, NY 13501

Phone: (315) 792-5321
Fax: (315) 792-5682


Applications are closed for the 2018.2019 program year; please email  for information about next year’s programs.